What Our Clients Say

The Five P System has been designed like any other winning recipe. It’s based on the principles of simplicity and repeatability……just follow the path, and you’ll join countless other business owners whose lives and communities have been enhanced by implementing the Five P System. Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what three of our clients have to say.


“As an owner of a landscape company in Tampa, Florida, with no business education, I found myself in a real tough position when I built my company to 100 employees and was wondering where to go next.  ‘Five P’s to a WOW Business’ was exactly what I needed to guide our company successfully into the future.  With the help of a counselor and the easy to read format, my team is steadily transforming into a ‘WOW’ company.  My team enjoyed the book-report approach we took to implementation, and we all have seen the benefit of being a ‘WOW’ company.”

Joe Chiellini
President/CEO of Ameriscape Services, Inc.
Tampa, FL

“I brought our leadership team together and began to meet once a week on Wednesday mornings for one hour.  We call this ‘WOW!’ time.  During the first week, I shared 12 books with our 12 captains (managers) and invited them to read one chapter per week.  Once we completed the book the first time, we then re-started the process and are now meeting weekly and following the book’s 23 step cycle.  The book is exactly what we needed and I am thrilled to share that it has re-energized the organization.  In completing the ‘WOW!’ assessment the first week, it was clear that we had a long way to go to becoming a ‘WOW!’ company, but the progress we have made over the past few months has been significant.  I am confident that, thanks to this book, we will continue to improve all areas of our business.”

Bob Rhein
President/CEO of Penn-Air Hydraulics/Konstance Pneumatics/Pneu-Force
York, PA

“Maric Management provides professional management services to our privately held high growth businesses.  During the most recent quarter, Maric Management companies achieved revenue results 40% over the previous year.  This performance needs to be managed, and the ‘WOW!’ process is critical in keeping it under control.  We start by planning, which is built into our system with our monthly ‘owntreprenuer’ planning sessions, followed by regularly scheduled ‘WOW!’ management planning sessions.  We keep a ‘bookmark’ of where we are on the ‘WOW!’ Racetrack, and start the next meeting at that point.  We use the ‘WOW!’ system to monitor our business strength and, in the case of Slone Gear International, built the company around the ‘WOW!’ process.  We provide semi-annual ‘WOW!’ updates to our stakeholders (owners, employees, and advisors) in the form of a color-coded matrix.”

Eric Graham
Founder of Maric Management