Our Services

  • The WOW Business Assessment Survey is a proprietary diagnostic tool that measures the overall health of your business on a scale of 0 to 100, and provides a baseline from which to begin your journey toward “WOW!” status.
  • By far the most effective and most popular service is the customized delivery of the WOW Five P System to your management team in multiple sessions over a period of 6 to 12 months in a “learn and do” format, which includes:
    1. Planning as a perpetual process.
    2. Making sure that you have the people, skill sets, and structure to implement your plan.
    3. Creating the necessary processes.
    4. Regularly and effectively monitoring performance compared to the plan.
  • A three-hour workshop outlines the WOW Five P System of Professional Management at a high level. This can be delivered to a group of business owners/leaders from different companies, or to the management team of the same company.
  • A two-day interactive workshop provides a detailed explanation of the WOW Five P System of Professional Management to a group of business owners/leaders from different organizations.
  • The WOW Leadership Circle consists of committed owners/leaders from 8 different companies who meet 8 times per year, 4 hours per session. Each meeting is facilitated by a WOW representative, who also provides advisory services to individual clients between meetings if necessary. The format is a combination of instruction and peer-to-peer exchange, built around the WOW Five P System of Professional Management.

Our Tools

The WOW! Business Advisory utilizes a comprehensive set of tools delivered by highly-qualified business experts using a variety of techniques, including:

  • The book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business (in paperback and e-book format)
  • The “WOW!” Racetrack, a graphic depiction of the Five P’s and the underlying twenty-three steps
  • The “WOW!” Business Assessment Survey to regularly monitor progress toward “WOW!” status
  • Leader’s Guide for implementing the Five P System of Professional Management
  • Presentation Slides
  • Participant’s Workbook
  • Forms and Examples for every step along the path to “WOW!” status
  • Instructional Videos covering many aspects of the WOW Five P System
  • Strategic Planning Guide with complete instructions and samples
  • Guide to Accountable Employees with instructions and forms
  • Movie Clips that demonstrate various principles of the WOW Five P System
  • Instructions on How to Create a Board of Advisors
  • Non-Stock Deferred Compensation Programs for Awarding Key Employees
  • Tips for Establishing a Winning Culture

How We Work With Clients

Many of our new clients are referred to us by others who have achieved great results from the WOW Five P System, while others have been introduced to the Five P model by attending a three-hour WOW workshop or a short one-on-one presentation by a WOW representative.

Regardless of how the client has been introduced to The WOW Business Advisory, the process always begins with a WOW representative taking the business owner/leader through the WOW Business Assessment Survey during a one-on-one meeting that typically lasts two to three hours. The assessment establishes a baseline score for the company (from zero to 100), and allows the business owner/leader and WOW representative to jointly outline a work plan and timeframe to address the areas that need attention as identified during the assessment.