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Creating a Personal Vision – Questions and Sample Personal Visions
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The “Ouch” Test for Business Owners/Leaders
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Other Resources

There is an extensive suite of support materials that are part of the WOW! Five P System of Professional Management. Here are some of them:

  • The book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business (in paperback and e-book format)
  • The “WOW!” Racetrack, a graphic depiction of the Five P’s and the underlying twenty-three steps
  • The “WOW!” Business Assessment Survey to regularly monitor progress toward “WOW!” status
  • Leader’s Guide for implementing the Five P System of Professional Management
  • Presentation Slides
  • Participant’s Workbook
  • Forms and Examples for every step along the path to “WOW!” status
  • Instructional Videos covering many aspects of the WOW Five P System
  • Strategic Planning Guide with complete instructions and samples
  • Guide to Accountable Employees with instructions and forms
  • Movie Clips that demonstrate various principles of the WOW Five P System
  • Instructions on How to Create a Board of Advisors
  • Non-Stock Deferred Compensation Programs for Awarding Key Employees
  • Tips for Establishing a Winning Culture