Become A Trusted Advisor

Become A Trusted Advisor

Do you have extensive business experience and would like to share your skills to help business owners take their enterprises to the next level? If so, the “WOW!” Five P Trusted Advisor Program will provide you with all the tools you need to share your personal wisdom using an extremely effective and well-documented consulting process.

The “WOW!” Five P System is a simple, sequential, repeatable process described in the book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business, written by Bill Matthews after serving as a business advisor to nearly 1,000 companies. The “WOW!” Five P System provides you with the flexibility to either insert your own examples, or to follow the detailed program that is outlined for you.

Target Market

The “WOW!” Five P System is extremely effective when it is delivered by licensees to privately-held businesses with 10 to 300 employees (approximate annual sales between $1 million and $30 million), but it is not limited to companies in that range.

Desired Outcomes

Implementation of the “WOW!” Five P System helps business owners get greater control over their business, AND their personal lives, while increasing the value of the enterprise. As a “WOW!” Trusted Advisor, you get the satisfaction of having made a significant positive impact on the business, and the person in charge.

Tools and Materials

To make it a turn-key delivery process for you, there is a comprehensive suite of tools and materials available, as described below.

  1. The book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business, is available in paperback or e-book format.
  2. The entire Five P System is depicted graphically on the proprietary WOW Racetrack.
  3. The “WOW!” Business Assessment Survey establishes each company’s baseline score and measures progress at regular intervals.
  4. For self-training, or to use when delivering the program to clients, you’ll have access to:
    • Leader’s Guide
      • Presentation Slides
      • Participant’s Workbook
    • Forms and Examples
    • Instructional Videos
    • Movie Clips
    • Strategic Planning Guide (20 pages)
    • Guide to Accountable Employees (27 pages)

Our Trusted Advisors also have access to the all-encompassing set of employee assessment tools and other HR tools from The Devine Group, one of the world’s most respected resource providers

Delivering the Five P System

The most common method of delivering the program is to meet with the management team of a single company in half-day sessions over 6 to 12 months using a “learn and do” format.

The model can also be delivered to owners/leaders of many companies where the format is mostly learning, and some doing, in either a three-hour overview, or in a two-day workshop.

The “WOW!” Leadership Circle consists of eight half-day meetings per year for three years, with the same attendees, and is facilitated by the “WOW!” Trusted Advisor.

Finding Clients

As an effective marketing tool, the “WOW!” Five P System is presented to multiple business owners in a half-day, high-level overview, which is then followed-up with a one-on-one meeting where the business owner and WOW! Trusted Advisor together conduct the “WOW!” Business Assessment Survey.

For More Information

If you would like to know more about becoming a WOW! Trusted Advisor, call John Armstrong directly at 513-271-4099, or provide the information below and a member of our team will be in contact with you very soon.