Welcome to The WOW Business Advisory, LLC

The WOW Business Advisory, LLC, is rooted in the principles and steps outlined in the book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business, written by Bill Matthews. Bill is also the author of Don’t Step in the Entremanure.

The Five P System is a simple, sequential, repeatable process that will propel an enterprise to “WOW!” status, a level of performance achieved by the world’s best-managed organizations.    

The Five P System includes twenty-three steps, and is depicted graphically as “The WOW Racetrack.”  With each lap around the Racetrack, your organization’s professional management competency improves, as measured by a numerical score achieved on the proprietary WOW Business Assessment Survey.

We have Sample Resources available that you may find helpful. For free copies of any of the Seven Tools listed below, use the form on the “Contact Us” page, and specify which document(s) you want:

  • “WOW! Racetrack” – a one-page graphic showing the simple, sequential, repeatable 23-step Five P model.
  • “Ideal Attributes Exercise” – a decision-making tool to help evaluate and rank alternatives.
  • “Organizational Structure Exercise” – an aid to creating organizational charts.
  • “Three-Step Clear Expectations Process” – instructions and forms for establishing individual performance metrics for each employee.
  • “Non-Stock Deferred Compensation” – an effective method of rewarding key employees without using company stock.
  • “Under-Current Employee Satisfaction Survey” – a tool to monitor organizational culture and morale.
  • “Sample Engagement Letter for Board Members” – a way to clarify mutual expectations.


Our Mission is to help business owners stay in control of their personal lives, create new jobs, and improve the quality of life in their communities.


Our Vision is to get the WOW Five P System adopted:

  • By as many businesses as possible.
  • In as many geographic areas as possible.
  • As inexpensively as possible for the business owner.